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All-in-one platform
Marketing automation
Email marketing
Easy follow-up leads
Deals tracking and forecast
Ticket reporting
Shared inbox
Great analytics
Full website integration
Many platform integrations
Ease of use
Custom database fields
Customizable reports
Free version available
Hubspot free CRM

Use HubSpot to manage your marketing activities

The benefits of using a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution are well documented. But, what happens when you want a CRM but don’t have the budget for one? This is where my favorite marketing tool, Hubspot comes in. I like Hubspot because it allows me to organize my contacts, manage my marketing and sales activities, follow-up on deals, and track results all in one place. 

Access all relevant information in one place

When it comes to managing your marketing activities, an all-in-one solution is essential. With a CRM tool, like HubSpot, you can access all of your relevant data – from notes about individual customers and prospects, to contacts and leads, viewable on one convenient platform. This gives you an accessible overview of what’s going on with each individual customer or prospect at any given time. It also makes lead management more efficient; you don’t have to check multiple databases for status updates and information about existing leads, because everything is in one place. An all-in-one system also allows for better collaboration within your organization; communication becomes easier as tasks are assigned directly from one user to another without passing through additional administrative assistants or other people who work between different departments in your company.

Powerful set of tools and features

With a CRM system, you can manage contacts and conversations, follow-up on deals, and manage marketing activities more effectively. HubSpot offers a powerful set of tools and features that make it possible for small businesses to get their arms around their marketing efforts—and keep them on track with measurable results. With one integrated solution in place, your business gets all its marketing data in one place. You can see who is engaging with what piece of content across channels; measure results over time; and adapt based on new information and learnings.

You and your team can stay on top of emails, contacts, activity logs, deals and more in one place. No need to jump between multiple applications for all of these tasks. It’s a no-brainer when it comes to collaboration.

Get started with the free version of Hubspot and check it out yourself!