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Copywriting: will artificial intelligence do the trick?

AI copywriting tools

Artificial intelligence has been all the rage in the last few years, and its role in copywriting has become increasingly important, with AI getting more and more accurate at writing copy all on its own. But how effective is it? Will it ever be able to outshine human copywriters? And when will we start to see AI used in this context? Keep reading to find out!

Benefits of artificial intelligence in copywriting

The benefits of using artificial intelligence in copywriting are obvious. Content can be generated faster with AI, we won’t have any unintentional duplicates of content on our site or platform, and you will get inspired by the proposed texts that are generated. In some cases, the generated text can be copied, pasted, and published right away, for example when creating ads or social media posts. When you need longer text for a blog article or an email, step-by-step revisions and editing can be necessary.

  • Generate content much faster
  • Get inspired by AI-generated ideas
  • Get unique content
  • Data-driven, with performance prediction

Data-driven copywriting is highly effective for improving SEO and engaging readers. Recent advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) make it possible to create more persuasive content by feeding a computer system enough data that can inform its writing decisions. While AI copywriting tools aren’t quite able to match a human writer yet, in some cases they can come close. If you don’t have a large budget for copywriting, consider giving an AI a shot. Keep your hands on the wheel and use it as an extension to your copywriting skills.

Platforms for AI copywriting

You can find several different Artificial Intelligence copywriting platforms online, all with their features and pricing. At Ziedal Morris, we made the first selection and tested 3 different tools: Anyword, CopySmith, and Copyshark. Taking into account various points of attention, our choice went to Anyword. Ease of use, quality of the generated text, and pricing were the most important features to make our choice.

How to write a blog article with Anyword?

The most extensive feature in anyword is the creation of a blog article. The creation process involves a few easy steps.

  1. First, create an account on Anyword. You can start with a free 7-day trial. A credit card is not required.
  2. When logged in, create a new project. This can be an ad, blog, landing page, social media post, product description, email, or SMS
  3. In your project, write a small description of the content you would like to generate, choose the industry and optionally add some keywords.
  4. Then, choose one of the titles that are being generated according to your input, or write a title yourself
  5. Select the different sections you would like to use as an outline for your text or add your own
  6. A few versions of an intro paragraph are presented, together with the predictive performance score. You can choose one, or write your own.
  7. Next, continue to the editor and generate text for every section of your blog. Every generated paragraph can be extended or regenerated, with or without instructions.


Anyword makes it possible to create a blog post with just a few clicks. If you want to level up the quality of the generated content, some adjustments may be necessary. Tip: use our promotional code "ANYWORD20" and get a 20% discount!

Note: this article was partly written with the help of Anyword

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