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Marketing and business tools

Looking for tools and software to improve your efficiency and business results? We have selected several tools, software programs and marketing platforms that come in handy when you are starting your own company or when you want to level-up your business and marketing skills. Have a look at the following marketing and business tools, these links wil get you on your way!

AI copywriting tool that generates copy for your website, blog, landing pages, ...

An email service for developers for transactional emails using an API or SMTP server.

Create and send your mass mailings with this easy to use email marketing tool.

Increase open rates and ROI by eliminating bad email addresses to keep your list clean.


Design and create your own website with this intuitive online website builder.

Keep an overview of all your projects, tasks, time spent and your team activity.

Inventory management software for growing businesses to keep track of stock and sales.

Make money by renting out unused computing power using this app on phone or pc.

Manage your finances, automate your busines flows an track receivables and payments.

Manage your contacts and follow them in every step of their lifecycle process.

Download more than 57 million creative assets to use for your marketing and promotion.

Use AI to create copywriting for your website, blog, e-commerce, emails, online ads and so on.

A professional software collection to design and develop marketing materials.

Create your invoices, follow-up on your receivables and track your payments.

All-in-one marketing tool to manage contacts, conversations, deals and tickets.

Online multicurrency banking account with low conversion rates and lots of handy features.

Canva is a powerful online design tool to create all kinds of designs for print and online.