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The ultimate guide to email marketing [Free ebook]

Free ebook email marketing

Email marketing has been proven to be one of the most powerful and effective forms of online marketing. So much so, that surveys after surveys continue to put email marketing at or near the top of their advertising preferences. And thanks to email, you can stay in touch with your audience's needs too!

In this guide, I'm going to give you exactly what you need for success when starting a new email list; an engineered-from-the-ground-up design that has all its bases covered without fail. Clear step-by-step instructions will make sure your success doesn't elude you just because you didn't know which steps came first when designing an optimized newsletter template for better conversions.

Contents of The ultimate guide to email marketing

  • Identifying the Target Audience for Your Marketing Campaign
  • Choosing the Perfect Email-Marketing Platform
  • Decide on your list incentive
  • Create and feature topnotch list incentives              
  • Choose Your Email - between Updates and Pre-Schedule Mails
  • Optimize your list by targeting your traffic source   
  • Optimize Your Squeeze Page Sign-Up Rate      
  • List Segmentation Strategy – Identifying and Working on it 

Are you ready to dive right in? You'er just one easy click away from grabbing your FREE copy of this ebook! Learn how it will take your business to the next level, find out what we'll cover throughout these pages and see why so many small businesses have chosen email marketing as their best option when it comes time to reach new customers.

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