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Email Marketing with Outlook: Do or Don't?

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Outlook is fine for sending some emails. However, if you want to set up an email campaign, you should consider another option. Do you know why?  

There are specific programs and platforms for sending e-mails in large quantities. Just think of MailChimp, Aweber or MailerLit for example. These programs offer many more professional opportunities. Your trusted Outlook software doesn't have as many benefits as you might initially think.

Spam reputation

When you want to use Outlook to send large amounts of e-mails, you immediately encounter a problem. The program works fine to send a limited number of messages, but the providers will prevent you from sending the same mail to hundreds of addresses.

Your e-mails are also quickly seen as spam by the internet providers. So there is a good chance that your e-mail will disappear in the trash or even worse; you may be reported or marked in the recipient's e-mail program. Your other emails will then no longer arrive in the future.

Bye Bye Personalization and Design

If you think that Outlook offers numerous possibilities to personalize your emails, then you may be disappointed. There is no such thing as personalization. A personal address such as "Dear Ann" is impossible, or it is a chore.

Designing a newsletter is also a hassle. It may seem simple; you add a photo, a nice title and maybe even some colored text. This may look the part on the screen, but be wary of this. With Outlook, you have no idea how the recipient will see your newsletter. They may not use Outlook at all, but use other programs for their mail traffic. All of these programs can display your emails in different ways. If you want to avoid mess, it is best to use a different system.

Where are my results?

Don't expect extensive analysis from Outlook on the results of your email campaigns. In the best case scenario, you might get a notification that an email was not delivered. Other e-mail marketing systems offer you the possibility to display the number of e-mails that have bounced or have been opened etc. Often, they are even displayed in clear graphs so that you can keep a clear overview.

So think twice before you choose to get started with Outlook. The many professional programs that exist today give you a better chance of having a successful email campaign.

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