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Manage your phone calls like a pro with VoIP and a hosted PBX

Free business phone VoIP PBX

If you're a solopreneur, anywhereworker, start-up or even if you work for an established company, chances are that most of your communication occurs over the phone. But times have changed. Your old fashioned phone lines - with a plug in the wall - are long gone. 

Though you may want to be accessible anywhere at anytime; giving your cellphone number away doesn't seem like such a great idea. After all, what if people are able to call you during evening hours? On weekends? What about holidays? What is the solution? VoIP - Voice over IP - and a hosted PBX in the cloud. With a large variety of customizable options including your own phone number, you'll never miss an important call again!

This is what you can do with VOIP and a a hosted PBX

  • Setup an interactive voice response to route calls where you want them.
  • Use a smartphone app to make and receive calls, to and from the office number.
  • Transfer calls to colleagues on internal and external lines.
  • Record calls to help you manage compliance and performance.
  • Use virtual numbers, geo and non-geographic.
  • Benefit from the lowest call rates, national and international.
  • Connect hardware IP phones (available for purchase) or headsets.
  • Setup voicemail, ring groups and advanced call center functionality.
  • Greet the customer with a warm welcome and appropriate waiting music

Another benefit is that your PBX software is always up-to-date, extra features can be added and customer support will always help you when needed.

Save time and money with VoIP

Not only will you save money on international and national phone calls, but installation for a hosted PBX costs less than an old-fashioned telephone system. Other equipment - like phones or any other device - is not needed when setting up a VoIP phone line. You just need an internet connection, a smartphone, and one account with a VoIP provider to start saving!

3 hosted PBX providers we use ourselves

If you want to get started using VoIP, you will need to choose a VoIP provider. We have made a small list of our personal favorites, just to get you started in your search.

  • VoIPstudio - An all-in-one solution with cloud based PBX, smartphone app and an extensive range of phone numbers. Easy to set up.
  • 3CX - A hosted PBX with ring groups, call routing, live chat and an extensive list of integrations. You will need a seperate VoIP provider to connect with. Free version available.
  • NumberPeople - A virtual UK phone number with call forwarding, a virtual switchboard and handy add-ons. Free version available!
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