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The new MailerLite is coming - take a sneak peek!

New MailerLite version coming soon

If you haven't used MailerLite before, you sure should consider it. Especially now MailerLite is launching their new version. We at Ziedal Morris have been using MailerLite for some time now, after trying out many other platforms like Mailchimp, Sendinblue, Campaignmonitor and Convertkit. Ease of use, GDRP-proof, flexibility, extensive features - even in the free version, and pricing made us switch to MailerLite. And we are still happy we did so. From March 22nd, a new MailerLite version will be available. Let's have a sneak peek!

If you are using the 'old' version of MailerLite - from now on: MailerLite Classic - at the time of writing, you will not be upgraded right away, but you'll have the option to switch to the new version on short notice. When you create a new account after March 22nd, the new version will be available for you right away. 

By providing our customers with an outstanding user experience and the tools to succeed, we’ll reach our goal of becoming a leader in marketing automation.
Ignas, CEO of MailerLite

Let's have a look at the new version of MailerLite!

Use MailerLite in dark mode

You can switch to a new user interface in dark mode, to reduce eye strain or if you prefer to work with low-light settings.

New dashboard with campaign metrics

Get an instant overview of your best-performing automation, forms, and website pages.

More advanced automation

Use new features like multi-trigger workflows and predefines automation templates.

E-commerce integrations

Connect your store to your MailerLite account with the MailerLite e-commerce API to add more functionality like abandoner cart automation, post-purchase emails, order tracking, and product imports.

New pricing plans

MailerLite is the best-priced marketing platform for value, and with the new version, this won't change. The new version of MailerLite will offer 3 paid plan options to fit everyone's needs: Growing Business, Advanced, and Enterprise. The Free plan - up to 1.000 subscribers - will still be available with all essential features.


If you are looking for a great tool for email marketing, be sure to give MailerLite a try!

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New MailerLite version coming soon
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