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7 email marketing mistakes entrepreneurs need to avoid

Email marketing misctakes to avoid

Email marketing is a powerful tool that will allow your startup to reach customers without feeling too invasive and accidentally pushing them away. However, using email marketing as an entrepreneur can be difficult. There are numerous mistakes you can make that can ruin the entire endeavor. Here are seven of those mistakes and how to avoid them.

1. Selling Your Product Non-Stop

Hard sells are a thing of the past. The more you push the product, the more likely your market is to become annoyed at you. That's because wherever they look, they will find someone or something trying to sell a product to them. You can use email marketing to sell your product, but do not use it primarily for that goal. Only around 1/5th of your posts should sell -- the rest should be focused on providing value to the recipient.

2. Not Personalizing Messages

A generic message will rarely be opened, and those messages that are opened will rarely generate leads. Most customers will have their inboxes stuffed full of emails, most of which they will simply ignore. Customizing a message, even if that just involves using their name, goes a long way toward getting their attention.

3. Using Clickbait

Clickbait style subject lines may get the initial clicks, but they will rarely result in actual leads. Instead of relying on deception, go for truth. Tell them exactly what is in your message, and if it's actually valuable, they will click on your email. If they aren't clicking, that's a sign that you may have misread your audience and are not actually providing them with value.

4. Stick to User Preferences

When users sign up for your startup's mailing list, they will often be asked about their preferences, from what kinds of messages they want to receive, to the frequency of messages. You need to respect their choices, unless you have an extraordinary reason for not doing so, such as an emergency. The moment a user realizes you don't care what their preferences are, that's the moment you start losing them. This can be devastating for a small business that has not yet developed a loyal customer base.

5. Not Focusing on the User

There is value in talking about your company, as it shows people who and what they are dealing with. However, talking exclusively about your small business can be off-putting, and can end up driving away your consumers. When you send an email, it needs to be focused on the recipient. The topic should be interesting to them, and the contents should be of value to them. If that isn't the case, the email should not be sent out.

6. Not Doing Your Research

The biggest mistake your email marketing campaign can make is simple to not do your research. You need to know your audience inside and out, from what their interests likely are, to what would get them to click on a message. The more you know about them, the more informed your choices will be, making your campaign more effective.

7. Not Pacing Your Emails

The worst thing your email marketing campaign can do is essentially spam your users. Sending out tons of emails will not only annoy your consumers but will likely end up with your address automatically blocked by a spam filter. Pace yourself. You may end up in their inbox less, but if each of your messages is packed with value, consumers will learn to always at least see what you have to say.

While those are far from the only mistakes you can make with your email marketing campaign, they are by far the most common. Avoiding them will not only help your startup but will help your overall journey as an entrepreneur as well.

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