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Create your invoices for free with Zoho

Free invoicing software Zoho

Managing administratitive tasks can be a huge burden. But when you fail to make your invoices, you won't get paid! Many startups and smaller companies still use Excel or Word to make invoices for their clients. This method however, is very cumbersome. You don't have a good overview of your sales and it is difficult to track payments and detect unpaid invoices. And this can be costly.

Free invoicing software - without limitations

Although invoicing software can be complex and expensive, there are other options. Zoho, a platform for online business management, recently decided to offer their invoicing software for free - without limitations! I myself started using Zoho Invoice back in 2013. At that time I used to pay around $200 a year to use the platform, and it was worth it. So now that it's free, there is no reason to be using old school invoicing methods. And what's more, Zoho Invoice offers a lot of functionality that can come in handy!

Create your free Zoho Invoice account

7 useful features of Zoho Invoice

1. Customer database 

Manage customer information

In Zoho, you can manage the data of all clients such as the company name, contacts, address, phone numbers, VAT number and payment conditions. This way, when you create an invoice, you always use the correct customer data. An overview of all invoices, quotes and payments of the selected customer are provided with one click.

2. Products and services

If you regularly sell the same products or services, you can add them to the software as an item. This way, you can add them to your documents quickly reducing the chance of typo's or other errors.

3. Create professional invoices, quotes and credit notes 

Dashboard with a concise overview of revenue, payments and invoices

Select your customer, add the products or services and create your invoice in a few clicks. You can adjust the template and add your company data, logo, payment conditions and other information so it will automatically appear on every invoice you create. If you are used to working with quotes, Zoho Invoice lets you create an estimate in the same way and makes it possible to convert an estimate to an invoice with a few clicks.

4. Create recurring invoices

Automatically send recurring invoices

This option comes in handy when you have to make the same invoice every week, month or year. Zoho offers the possibility to add recurring invoices that will be created and sent automatically. Talk about a time saver when you are selling subscriptions or recurring services!

5. Send invoice by email

Do you still send your invoices by post? You still can with Zoho, but the platform also generates a PDF file of your documents and sends it to your clients email address right away. There are no extra actions needed, no postal costs, and the invoice is delivered much faster.

6. Receive payments faster and send reminders

Send automatic payment reminders by email with Zoho Invoice

Track all of your payments easily. Aside from registering incoming wire transfers, several payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe can be linked to Zoho Invoice. This enables online payments that are automatically linked to the invoices. Check the reports to follow-up on your payments and send reminders to clients with outstanding invoices. You can set up these reminders so that an email is automatically sent when the payment term is exceeded. Another time saver!

7. Take it anywhere

If you are on the road often and want to check your administration or send invoices on the go, the mobile app is a great solution. Check your balances, look up customer information and keep track of your working time with the Zoho Invoice app for iOS and Android.

Create your free Zoho Invoice account

Keep all the information in one place

Link Zoho Invoice with other handy Zoho tools like Zoho books, Zoho CRM, Zoho Projects and Zoho Inventory to manage your business in a smart way. Most of the other tools have a (limited) free version so you can try them out whenever you want.

Want to know more?

Check the video below or visit the website Zoho Invoice, create your free account an start making invoices right away!


Ready to save time with your invoicing and want to simplify your administrative tasks? Start with Zoho invoice today!

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