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Marketing strategy

The key elements of a marketing strategy

A marketing strategy forms the basis of all marketing and communication efforts and makes them more efficient. It ensures that you put your money where it counts and keeps your business in line with your values and morals.

Marketing to a specific demographic or group can greatly increase your revenue. It all comes down to identifying who you want to target and delivering your product or service in a way that makes them want it. This can be accomplished by careful research on where they are located, how often they purchase, and how much money they make. There are also many ways to reach your targets such as advertising, telemarketing, direct mailers, print ads, and even door-to-door selling.

Communication as part of marketing strategy is one of, if not THE most important element in marketing. Without communication and without all other elements, it’s impossible to market something. But what makes communication such an integral part? If you think about it long enough, it really isn’t hard to come up with an answer: if consumers are going to purchase your product or service, they need to know about it first; at least have some inkling that there is something out there that they should be purchasing.

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