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Grow your business with marketing automation

Marketing automation with HubSpot

Marketing automation allows businesses to streamline and automate processes such as lead scoring, lead nurturing, email outreach, and sales follow-up.  This helps to improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase revenue. Although automation can initially be time-consuming to set up, it saves time in the long run by eliminating repetitive tasks. This allows you to focus on more important goals like acquiring new customers and closing sales. Here are some tips on how you can improve your marketing funnel with marketing automation.

Get your marketing automation software for free

If you don’t have marketing automation software yet, it’s time to consider it. Be sure to check out HubSpot because it is a great option for small businesses and inbound marketers on a budget. The software is free, with some premium features available with an upgrade fee. HubSpot integrates visitor tracking and social media tools into its platform. This helps you to analyze and measure your marketing efforts easily and track prospects through their buying journey.

You also get access to marketing templates that make creating emails or landing pages easy. Furthermore, it also provides access to analytics capabilities that provide actionable data about what tactics are working for your business. What’s more, marketing automation isn’t just something you buy and use, it will grow with your business. So once you get going, HubSpot continually updates its platform based on customer feedback to stay fresh and effective year after year.

Track your visitors

HubSpot’s visitor tracking tool lets you see how your prospects and leads interact with your website. You can use that data to inform how you market automation. If a prospect views your company’s social media profiles but doesn’t sign up for an email newsletter,  then it could mean he or she is on Pinterest or Instagram instead. Focus your marketing efforts on where they are most likely to be.

Continuously follow-up: To keep track of how prospects respond to their interactions with your company’s site (and consequently which channels work best), set reminders for yourself in Google Calendar or another scheduling app like Asana.

Lead nurturing emails

Lead nurturing is an email marketing tactic that helps you develop a long-term relationship with prospective customers. When combined with marketing automation, lead nurturing can also be a valuable tool for increasing sales. When you know your prospects better, you’re able to share relevant information and content in a timely fashion. This ultimately leads to even more leads and sales. Start by creating basic welcome emails, then move on to more complex follow-up messages that help nurture prospects through your sales funnel.

The possibilities are endless

You can even set up an autoresponder series so that each visitor receives a specific message depending on where they are in your conversion process. The possibilities are virtually endless. Just remember to keep it short and simple so it doesn’t overwhelm visitors or scare them away.

Turn your customers into promoters

Word-of-mouth promotion is probably the most powerful kind of marketing there is. This is because word-of-mouth referrals are often considered more reliable and influential than other forms of advertising. If you’re just getting started with your business, it’s important to develop relationships with influencers in your industry and make sure they get a chance to try out your products and services. Of course, before you can do that, you need to know who those people are! That’s where your website comes in.

Make use of visitor tracking software to monitor user activity on your site and keep track of who does what. Once you have an idea about who your best customers are, turn them into promoters by offering them incentives for spreading the word about your company. A good incentive might be something like a discount code or free shipping. Whatever it is, don’t promise something in return if you aren’t certain that it will be fulfilled!

Growing better with HubSpot

Watch this video, find out how your business can grow by getting to know your customers better and create your free HubSpot account.

Ready to start? Go on and create your free account on HubSpot!

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